Be a Wannabe, Set Goals!

No matter if you are a seasoned goal setter or this is your first time, one piece of advice, BE A WANNABE! Lets set goals together! You're going to need a pen and blank piece of paper. (I usually fill more than one paper.)

Quick go now, grab em'!

The quickest way to organize your thoughts is by jotting down categories. Now some of these may overlap in your mind, but bare with the idea that separation is good, it takes away from the overwhelm.

*Adopt Positivity*







Need direction? Take a deep breath, read each category before writing and write vigorously for no less than one minute per category.

1) Personal: let's think self care. What are five things you can do to take care of you?

What would make your life easier? Are you seeking a lifestyle change? What would make you feel rejuvenated? What is something you can do to fill your cup? Are you working on setting boundaries?

2) Professional: Are you seeking change? Would you like to advance in your current career or change your focus? Would you like to make more money? -Write a dollar amount! Are you focused on improvement? Are you a business owner seeking growth? Write it down!

3) Spiritual: Would you benefit from researching meditation? Prayer? Are you seeking a closer relationship through religion? Would you like to advance your self through a class or group? Write down one verb that could fill this part of your life.

4) Experiences: What would you like to do this year? Go see a concert? Run a half marathon? Go on a vacation by yourself or with someone specific? What activity would add to your life experience? Get creative!

5) Financial: Are you seeking to lessen the load? Adapt minimalism ideas to your finances? Get rid of said credit card? Put more money (use an amount) into your retirement? Would you like to see financial growth? Are you seeking a clearer path to financial freedom or a clearer path to wealth? Set yourself up for success by not ignoring this category!

6) Family: Name one thing you can do to improve the culture between you and your family. Want to teach the kids or grand kids about your gifts? Do you want to experience something with your family? Do you want to set aside time just for them? Would you like to leave them gifts to cherish when you're no longer around?

Be yourself!

WOW! You should have a nice set of goals on your hands. One may think that this is a great way to start off a new year, or quarter, or month, but honestly this is your to-do list. These ideas, aspirations, goals are yours to cherish and flourish and go after!

Give yourself a hand you're amazing!

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