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We had owned a spacious 3 bed 3 bath modern build. Open concept, beautiful neighborhood, amazing school district. Our bills were ASTRONOMICAL. We started asking ourselves some serious questions. How can we live a life with more experience and less expense? So we SOLD and purchase again, all in the same day. Just like all seven moves we’d made in five years, we put the TV in our open living, great room area. I didn’t think anything of it, a television in the living room only makes sense right?I would be talking to my husband and the TV would magically get louder. I was talking louder because of it. I would be taking business calls and have to listen to kids complain I needed to shut off the TV to hear. My kids don’t watch a ton of television, but when we need downtime as adults we encourage they find something entertaining on the tube.I had a tantrum one evening. I had been on the phone and couldn’t hear. It was my last straw. Together my husband and I took the TV off the wall and patched the mounts. I’m never looking back and this is why.These are my 3 major reasons to encourage you to do the same.

You will engage with your family in conversation. Magically when it was harder to access the TV, other options come to play. My kids color, assemble puzzles, grab board games to play with and don’t even mention the TV. In fact they bring toys into the living room and play without distraction very well.It will eliminate arguments. Homework is getting done that much sooner. I dislike homework as much as the next parent of an early elementary student, but it still part of my kid’s grade, so it’s going to get done. Now I don’t have to argue to shut off the TV, it’s not there to bother with.

Dinner is not dictated or interrupted by Odd Squad (My kids LOVE this show). Out of sight out of mind it’s a beautiful thing! And think about the electricity we are saving! Life just got a little greener.

Just because you don’t have a TV in your living room/great room doesn’t mean you don’t have a television the kids can engage with. We love movies and at night my husband and I love to relax in front of entertainment we don’t have to think about. We moved ours into our basement. It’s a great little set up, out of the way and easy to monitor.

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