Dreams from the Linen Closet

Let's dream of the perfect linen closet, shall we? My closet comes with self-folding warm towels and no fitted sheets. 😁

Check out the following tips for maintaining a near perfect linen closet.

🌷 Imagine a neatly organized space. Plan and draw a sketch of what that looks like.

🌷 Discard or re-purpose worn sheets and towels. Consider donating if you have an abundance.

🌷 Fold towels so that they fit neatly on the shelf. Group like colors and styles together.

🌷 Roll or fold smaller items like washcloths and hand towels, then place them in baskets on the shelf.

🌷 Roll or fold sheets and place them in deep baskets. ✨Baskets hide imperfections and maintain order. Move baskets to where you do the folding so that you can quickly tidy it up and easily transport it back to the linen closet. 🖤

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