It's Hanger Time

Put the Hammer down, it reads hanger. Let's talk space, use and useful.

We all have limited space in our closets it's time to use it wisely. No one hanger is THE HANGER for all items. As '#instagramable' as it appears to have matching hangers we are here to stress each item worthy of hanging has a different need. Think of it like the tag instructions, just as each item has a different care need it has a different storage need.

So, what do you hang? We like to hang EVERYTHING that sits on your shoulders.

Hangers 101:

Wire Hangers good for picking locks. Not so good for storing your hand picked wardrobe.

Plastic Hangers, yes there is a place in this world for plastic hangers. These durable and inexpensive hangers are good for lightweight items such as t-shirts, tank tops, flowing dresses. And extra nice for kids clothing. But beware those pesky shoulder bumps are the cost for going this route.

Wood Hangers: Made specifically for Heavy & Structured items. Your blazers, Pant suits etc. Business Casual doesn't always scream light weight. These hangers are designed to keep your buttoned up look crisp and without a doubt well stored. When you think of hanging your sweaters, most of us cringe, but if you don't have space to 'Kondo' those sweaters, take a tip from the dry cleaners. Use tissue paper to line your hanger bar and fold your sweater over the bar. If you have one of our amazing custom closets, take that tissue paper and use it between your sweaters to prevent pilling! Thanks clothing cleaning experts! -The downfall of these durable hangers of course, they take up 3x the amount of space as the next option.

Velvet Hangers: May the inventor and master thinker of this hanger option be forever cast in the feeling of accomplishment! Made for space saving, hold tight, and long term hanging these hangers are a gift! Use them for light to medium weight items and forget about the shoulder bumps. Look for the ones with small hooks on the side of the velvet to stack your hanging vertically for things like tank tops, light weight dedicates & scarves. The down fall of this option is durability, these hangers can snap if overloaded.

Put these hangers tips in your organizational tool box!

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