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Wardrobes are a hot topic, trends are forever changing, and it feels goods to buy what’s popular. If you live in a four-season state chances are your dresser barely closes, your closet is busting at the seems and your season transition is in between seasons 50% of the time. So how do you get a hold on all things clothes?Depending where you are on the spectrum of clothing, here are a few simple ways to get a grasp on this easily troubled space.

The ole’ one in one out rule: When you purchase something new... (You should be down right in love with this item, it should feel good, speak to you, and possess your character.) So, you’ve won the lottery shopping and found not just one amazing top, but pants too!? AMAZING, when you’re hanging up your newest loves, simply pluck an item out of your closet

you don’t feel the same about. 1 for 1 and Donate!

Turn that hanger around: Do you have a few stale pieces hanging in your closet? Not sure when the last time you wore them? Not ready to get rid of them just yet; you might wear that to Suzy's shower? Simply turn the hanger around on these items, place a note on the hanger with the date. If you don’t have a need for any of the items in six months, it’s time to purge!

All things ‘Capsule Wardrobe’: Need a challenge? Don’t like making a million decisions starting your day? Overwhelmed with your wardrobe? Can’t find anything you love to wear? You may just be the perfect candidate to try a capsule wardrobe. The benefits far out way the scary part of purging. Try making a capsule for each of your needs.

Work out attire: 5 work out bottoms, 5 work out tops, 5 sports bras, and 5 pairs of athletic socks. This will last you one week if you are committed to the grind five out of 7 days. Meaning it would all be washed in one load!

Business Attire: 2 pairs of dress slacks, 2 pairs of dress leggings, one skirt, 3 tunics, 2 blouses, 2 cardigans, 2 blazers, and two very versatile and comfortable pairs of dress shoes.

Casual much?!: You should be getting the idea here, if you LOVE EVERYTHING YOU OWN, you’ll only wear what you love, what feels good, what says something about your personality. And you will find freedom in the never-ending laundry pile. You will find it peaceful to make less decisions, and you will have everything you need in any given season and space to expand if you so wish.

How to accomplish a 'Capsule Wardrobe'? Choose things that don't need an accompanied item to work well. Everything should be great on it's own and with complimenting items. Here's the key to less, EVERYTHING should be a complimenting item to everything else. You shouldn't own a single item that couldn't be worn with another single item within reason. Get creative, and be you!

Choose to only take care of what you love.

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