Simple Living is a Pursuit to Happiness

The decision to live simple or even to live simpler is a huge and personal one. I like most people graduated college with the idea I had gotten the degree to make more money so I could buy more stuff. The STUFF, hit me when we had our first child. I quickly found STUFF hurts my brain. I can’t think straight when my peripheral vision is clouded with a laundry list of to-do. ..So, why live simpler?

Less mess, more TIME doing things you love. As the to-do list gets shorter the less items you care for and the more time you have to allocate elsewhere. I have more time with my family, more flexibility with my schedule, and I even have time to give back and volunteer.

Less Mess, Less Stress: The stress melts away when you free up the time you spent caring for something that wasn’t giving back. Is it Beautiful? Is it Useful? Does it serve me? If the answer is no, let it go!

You SAVE $$$: You are less inclined to spend money on the things that will cloud your home. So you save money for experiences and vacations. How great would it be to go on a quick weekend vacation with your family on a whim?

Your Priorities Change: You start to appreciate what’s around you instead of wanting more things around you. Don’t get me wrong I like new things, but now I like new things that replace old things that are no longer serving me or my family.

It’s FREEING!!! There is peace in knowing you can clean your house top to bottom in an hour and go live life!

I’m here to tell you first hand, it’s amazing. The best part; when we welcome things into our space, they are quality items. We've replaced quantity with quality and it's a beautiful thing. Less is more happiness.

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