Raising Gifts

I am a mother of two school aged children. I have adapted to the schedule, the chaos, the homework, the sports, the PTO (PTA). I have relearned how to read and write. I have transformed how I think of math to keep up with elementary school. It could be said that my children have assimilated to the expectations of public school successfully.

We practice a simplest lifestyle, some may consider a minimalist lifestyle to keep up and underwhelm our societies expectations. An amazing thing happens when one adopts the ability not to endlessly want. A sense of happiness, prosperity, and the most surprising effect, generosity set in. I couldn't wait to share! Something you rarely find is an explanation of the change in perspective you stumble upon during the process of finding what minimalism means to you.

Now you may imagine I combat the incoming "Stuff" from school and the "desire" to want what other kids have, that comes with attending school. But ultimately our lifestyle is to simply own what we need, and everything else is to be cherished. But it's the perspective that we have gained to look at life a little differently. More positive, more manageable, and more kind! But most abundantly I combat stagnate ideas that have been around for more than a century. My kids already get the age old question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I think it's wonderful to initiate goal setting, and ambition in children at a young age, but wow is this a loaded, open ended question. What are we trying to hone in on here? Not every kid is going to want to be a physician, or a lawyer, or a firefighter.

So I present an idea, instead of asking "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Let us ask our young people,

"What are your gifts?" and later it's okay to ask, "how would you like to contribute them to society?"

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