Spring Closet Clean Out Checklist

Spring Closet Clean Out Checklist

When was the last time you really cleaned out and organized your closet? It can be an overwhelming task if you don't have a vision to work from. So we put together a different type of checklist to get you going! Normally we would recommend cleaning out your closet with a friend, afterall it can be compared to team sport! And there is no one more honest than your best friend. Send pics to your friends & family, this is an area of purging that requires the perk of an eyebrow from your _____. <- That's right we know you have at least someone who will tell you.... If you won't wear it out, you shouldn't wear it.

Let's get to it. In short, we know the clothes in your closet were purchased to make you FEEL good. That's their purpose in a nutshell. If your clothes don't feel physically good, don't make you more yourself or simply don't #sparkjoy it may be time to let them go.

Feel free to categorize as you purge. Sleeveless, shortsleeve, three quarter length, long sleeved, over the shoulders, and good old sweaters. (Don't forget to fold those sweaters... that's another blog post.) You have dress pants, Yoga pants, sweat pants, leggings and anything in between. Keeping items in like spaces, in categories will bring ease and delight to your mornings while you gather items to look YOURSELF. Here's the fun part: Stage them by color... The outcome will be as good as hiring a professional organizer!

Now we know it can be difficult to declutter those incredible finds that you bought hoping to fit into. Or the dress you wore 9 years ago to that wedding you had so much fun at, but you will be rewarded in so many ways when you make space. The best part is you can give the items that no longer serve you... we mean fit you... to a friend! Remember your team!

Let's get intimate. That's right... it's time to touch and indulge in the delight of your delicates. If they don't make you feel sexy, secure, or are ill fitting it's time to invest in you, because there is no other article of clothing that will make you feel more like yourself than what you wear under your fashion! PJ's included! Touch everything!!!

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What's an easier purchase than a new necklace or a pair of earrings when you're shopping your favorite boutique. We know you value your wardrobe, so we want you flaunting it! We want you shopping your closet the way your shop your boutique. So this pro tip comes to life easily! Organize your accessories in your closet! No matter if it's a velvet jewelry drawer or pull outs, your closet system is meant to work for you and make you feel luxurious!

We hope this inspires you to Spring Clean Out your Closet! If you find yourself surrounded by your things and ready for a new closet system, The Eccentric Closet is here for you! Serving Southwest Michigan for all your Custom Closet and Shoes Storage needs!

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