Spring is in the air & on break!

We know you’re stuck at home! We also know half of you are LOVING IT! What a better opportunity to Spring Clean, and when we say Spring Clean we mean “Monica Clean!” So, you are scrubbing, and the bubbles are flying, as you work through your house the mess of THE MASTER CLOSET is in your peripheral vision. This peaks an entire conversation between you and yourself! It takes a minute, but you decide, “why not?!” The decision has been made you are diving into closet organization! Now before you get ahead of yourself we want to offer a few simple tricks to keep you from being swallowed up by mount laundry!

Like any good process there is a step one. Assess how you are currently using your space. Is your closet a catch-all space? Crowded rods and shelves, gaps that let items fall through wire shelves, and piles of disorganized shoes? The solution is using your space differently! Making the most out of the space you have through a quick restructure of your goods.

As you go through your items keep a box for “you have got to go!” Next to you for quick purging success. As you shop your own closet categorize between work, athletic, casual, and fold only items. Customize your wardrobe to fit you once again!

You’ll be able to better visualize your storage options and assess best placement for your goods by sizing up your categories! As you move through your closet try to simplify by letting go of duplicate items. And items that no longer fit your self image.

Ask yourself questions around your wardrobe, such as,

“Does this feel good on my skin?” “Do I feel myself when I wear this?”

That donation box will fill up fast! Soon you’ll have a place for everything.

You’re almost done! It’s time to add some personality to your space. Shop your house for a photo or momentum you enjoy. Why not place it on the self or display your beloved items somewhere you interact morning & night? Congratulations you just made life more convenient & beautiful to boot!

For closet inspiration, tips on organization and ideas on how to add the “WOW” factor in your home. Follow us on social media! The Eccentric Closet, We Install, You Enjoy!

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